Mining educational trail in Kvetnica

Educational walkway

Hiking around Poprad, in the beautiful countryside below the High Tatras. The educational mining trail is located in the recreational part of Poprad-Kvetnica.

The first written mention of mining in the vicinity of Poprad dates back to 1308. Mining in Kvetnica continued during the 16th century and the last rights to mining activities also appear in the 18th and 19th centuries.

On the route of the nature trail, there are 5 information panels focused on the presentation of the mining route in Slovakia, or panels dealing with the mineralogy and geology of Kvetnica. There is also information about individual mining works in Kvetnica or a panel dedicated separately to adit (mine) Strieborná. You will love hiking around Poprad.

1 h 30 m




Lom na Kvetnici

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Lom na Kvetnici

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