Health circle

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Hiking around Poprad, in the beautiful countryside below the High Tatras. The Health Circuit is located in the recreational part of Poprad-Kvetnica.

Health circle is suitable for lovers of beautiful nature, especially for its representation of diverse species. The path leads mostly mixed fir forests of beech, fir and spruce on the northern slopes, but on the south side of the hill is change to the oak forests. The trail is marked with a yellow symbol in the shape of a circle, beginning in park Kvetnica.

you can also reach the exceptional Chapel of Resurrection on the top Mount Krížová 941 above sea level. Walkway to the chapel is marked with a black cross on a white background. On the way to the chapel, there is a beautiful view to the Slovak Paradise, Low and High Tatras. Circuit is 4.8 km long and it will take you 1 hour and 15 minutes. The starting point is a forest park on Kvetnica. Inputs on the route are easily and quickly accessible to the bus stop. You will love hiking around Poprad.

1 h 15 m




Lesopark Kvetnica

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Lesopark Kvetnica

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