Educational trail Kvetnica

Educational walkway

Hiking around Poprad, in the beautiful countryside below the High Tatras. Kvetnica nature trail is located in the recreational part of Poprad-Kvetnica.

Educational trail Kvetnica focused mainly on the presentation of forest vegetation zones of Slovakia in a small area municipal forests Poprad, historical archaeological sites Zámčisko and National Nature Reservation Hranovnícka Dubina.

Tourists can also reach with the green hiking trail Mount Zámčisko 921 above sea level, from where is a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside. Circuit is 13.6 km long and it will take you 3 hours. 45 min. Pavement markings is sloping green.The starting point is in forest park on Kvetnica. Inputs on the route are easily and quickly accessible to the bus stop. You will love hiking around Poprad.

3 h 45 m




Lesopark Kvetnica

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Lesopark Kvetnica

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