From Poprad to Kvetnica by two routes

Bike route

Cycling around Poprad, in the beautiful countryside below the High Tatras. The route starts at Námestí sv. Egídia square in Poprad and goes to the recreational part of Poprad-Kvetnica.

Ideal for families with children.

Both routes have approximately the same profile

Length: 14 km

Elevation: 70 m

Type: Road

Surface: asphalt

Difficulty: RECREATION

The route starts at Námestie sv. Egídia. From the largest housing estates in Poprad, Starý Juh and Nový Juh, asphalt cycle paths lead to the Kvetnica forest park. The route runs between the fields and has an ascending character. From the quarry it is necessary to go to the state road no. 66 towards Rožnava. Benches and information boards are available at Kvetnice. Various hiking trails lead from the forest park to the top of Zámčisko 921 m. n. m. with beautiful views of the surrounding area (High Tatras, Slovak Paradise, Low Tatras). Another option is a walking tour to the Chapel of the Resurrection (Calvary), where there is an educational trail. You will fall in love with the cycling routes around Poprad.

1 h 30 m




Námestie sv. Egídia, Poprad

Starting point

Námestie sv. Egídia, Poprad

End point


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Total descent

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